National Achievers Congress London 2012: my summary

National Achievers Congress is a 3-day yearly event taking place in London, among other cities.
I attended the last one this October.

What attracted me to the event and what was special about it
Two names: Anthony Robbins and Donald Trump. Both incredible personalities, highly successful and action-risk-taking entrepreneurs.
Watching them live was exciting and very motivational!
I also valued Ron White's speech - he is called the memory guy. He was able to memorize and repeat a 50-digit number and say it backwards. His speech was funny and valuable.

NAC disadvantages

Unfortunately, there were more minuses than pluses of the event.
  1. Customer service and ticketing system was highly inefficient. One had to call them several times and send emails to ask about tickets, which have been paid for and have not been sent.  On the event's website it was clearly stated that the tickets would be send out 6 weeks prior to the event, which did not happen. It was also written that you have to print out the tickets otherwise, you won't be let in. It was also not true. Printed tickets were not required at the registration desks and the person details could have been easily checked in the database. What a waste of printed-paper!
  2. It was a 3-day event but you didn't know who is going to speak and when. There wasn't any agenda given to the participants! You only knew that Tony Robbins and Donald Trump, also Lord Coe would be there. If you wanted to see them you had to sit and listen to, in many cases, boring and terrible speeches of unknown speakers, who tried to sold you their products. What a waste of time!
    It would be different if the quality of majority and even all of the speakers was high value. Unfortunately, it didn't happen!
    You pay and expect to be part of something great and worth the money spent - it didn't happen during the Congress. The only value were the speeches of Donald Trump, Tony Robbins, Lord Coe and Ron White.
  3. One more thing, I paid for my ticket well in advance. Later on, closer to the event cheaper tickets have been released and many people were given free tickets (including me, I was given 2 extra free tickets).
    What's more, during the congress, no matter how cheap or expensive your ticket was, you could easily go to VIP section and sit there.

My conclusion
Will I attend National Achievers Congress next year - YES, only if I get a free ticket.
Will I recommend the event to my friends - N. If they ask about my thoughts, I'll describe both advantages and disadvantages.


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