Infinite Banking Concepts, why are those systems so good for our money?

Can you get anything better than the system you are going to hear about? There is a system called Infinite Banking Concept, where you become your own banker. You lend yourself money, and receive the interest payments, you are paying for your own loans - instead of any type of bank or outside lender. Typically when you borrow money, what you in fact do, is spending approximately 34,5 cents on every dollar in interest to finance whatever they wish, whether it is their lifestyle, or business. But in the system mentioned above, called Infinite banking, what happens is that you get that additional 34,5 cents back, to build up the initial sum you have on your account.

How does it really work?
The system is based on your life insurance. You pay a sum of money that you specify, and that is related to your age, background, the number of years that you have individually set up for this action. While on the go, when you add sums of money each month or year, you can also act as a bank owner. You can lend yourself the money that you have previously saved, and receive the dividends. When you loan yourself money, you stop receiving the dividends. But when you repay the loan, the whole traditional dividends systems comes back into place.


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