My friends visit to Spa Dallas - the treasures of relaxation and the success that comes afterward

What were the happiest moments in your life? Do you come back to those precious memories often?
Why am I asking? Simply, it has been proven by the scientists all around the world that thinking about nice things can change our lives.
Just imagine being totally happy, relaxed, enjoying every single moment, like being in a garden, lying on green grass, looking at the you feel your muscles relaxing?
Incredible thing is, that when you visit Spas (the centres for relaxation, well-being of your body and mind) you lengthen your life, by taking care of your most precious vehicle that carries you all the way from your birth to your death...
What you encounter when visiting Spas like the one visited by my friends - Spa Dallas:
  • Thai Massage – which is Deep Tissue massage, and incorporates compression and assisted Yoga -like stretching to increase your sense of deep calm and well-being.
  • Hot Stone Massage – Soothing and Relaxing smooth river stones and Deep Tissue Massage, it brings immediate relief to tense muscles.
  • Myo-Fascial Release– Gentle Deep Tissue massage provides long-term relief from chronic muscle stiffness. Shiatsu – The rhythmic and ancient Japanese-style massage designed to trigger and release specific tension points in the body. Aroma Therapy – The Swedish-style massage combined with the healing benefits of essential oils will aid in lymphatic drainage and re-energize overworked muscles. Simply phenomenal it promotes physical and mental relaxation!
  • Swedish Massage– Tender palpation’s used to gently relax muscle tension, stress, and ease of the mind.
  • Remedied Salt Scrub – Let the gentle exfoliation of cells transform your skin with smooth, hydrating essential oils encompassed in our Dead Sea Salts. The unique concentration of minerals will help regenerate your skin, detoxify the epidermis and strengthen your defense system.
Hopefully I’ll visit this Spa myself soon.


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