Creative Thinking Techniques – want to accelerate?

Creative thinking techniques have been used for ages by people to come up with new ideas, to solve difficult tasks, to make decisions, to create things and more.

If you think you are not creative, don’t worry! Creativity can be learned. 

Here are some extremely useful techniques, you can use to enhance creative thinking skills:
  • Role Playing – pretend that you’re someone else, either real or imagined, and think of new ideas. This method inspires new thoughts you might not normally be comfortable thinking on your own.  Role Playing Games are a perfect example of using these techniques! 
  • Brainstorming – this is often done with two or more people. The idea is to think of as many solutions as possible without censoring yourself or criticizing other people, and build ideas by association.
  • Free-Form Writing – this is a common technique for opening up your mind to new ideas. Write for a set amount of time whatever comes to your mind associated with your problem. Do not filter your thoughts or worry about spelling or grammar. Simply let the writing and ideas flow.
  • Random Element – when you’re looking for a solution, introducing a random element to the problem can help unblock ideas. Identify your dilemma and then open a book and pick a random word; this method compels an association between the new word and the problem, allowing new solutions to flow.
  • Mind Mapping – write down your issue in the middle of a piece of paper, then draw branches from it in many directions. At the end of the branches you jot down any ideas triggered by the main idea, and then draw branches out from these associations to add sub-associations. Using colors and images is helpful to stimulate the imagination.

As you can see, there are at least a few really great creative thinking techniques which you can use straight away. I bet you are familiar with brainstorming. Try however the other ones as well to come up with even more ideas and solutions.

To your success!


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