Goal Setting Theory – what’s in it for you

It’s true that the more you know where you are going the easier it is and the faster you get there. But it doesn’t mean you have to know everything before you start taking any action. On the contrary, the main idea is to have your plan ready, execute it and reach perfection and constant improvement on the way to achieving your goals. 

Don’t let details and distractions keep you away from getting where you want. By defining your goals you discover where you want to go and how to get there. The result will be inevitable when you focus on those activities that will take you close to your goal and avoid those, which are a waste of time. These are the main points behind goal setting theory.
But what does a process of goal setting consist of?

  1. Knowing the big picture – think what it is that you really want. What are your skills and talents, what do you like doing and forget yourself while doing it? The bigger the goal and the more aligned with your heart, the easier it is to achieve it.
  2. Knowing about time limitations – you need to put a time frame, deadline to achieving your goal. This is because achievement tends to be attracted to speed and detailed visioning.
  3. Becoming someone new in the process – usually goal setting resembles creating something new, stepping out of your comfort zone. To succeed you need to be open for new ideas, new adventures, new people on your way. You need to be flexible and be able to adapt to new. This idea is easily proven by the process and maintenance of wealth creation: most Lotto winners do not understand this concept and therefore lose their money soon after winning it.
  4. Writing down your goals - by writing your goals down you measure them. Your outcome, achievement is a result of shaping your abstract idea into real forms. And so by writing it down, you see that it is achievable.
  5. Taking action – this is a huge step. What’s the purpose of drafting powerful plans, if you fear to take action and implement the plan. There will be obstacles on the way, as usually they are but important is how you overcome them and if you keep going to achieve your goals.

Was this goal setting theory useful to you?


  1. hey Justyna

    Yes, by starting with passion - the big picture idea you know why you do what you do, and it lets you overcome every single obstacle on the way...

    good luck:)

  2. Thanks Martyna,

    Yes, knowing what you want and then goal setting is a must if one wants to live his/her dreams:)