Introduction to Speed Reading Techniques Part II

We covered some basics in the first part of this series, now let’s head on to some “meat” of speed reading techniques;).

Eliminating Subvocalization – the key to speed reading
When children learn how to read, they often practice by reading out loud, carefully formulating each word slowly so as to digest meaning. This, of course, is beneficial when just starting out, but if you continue to read this way into adulthood, your reading will be extremely slow, without necessarily increasing your comprehension. Reading each word “aloud” in the mind is another form. Eliminating subvocalization by practicing chunking, skimming and meta guiding, therefore, is key to speed reading.

Let’s take a deeper look at some of these methods
1. Chunking
Rather than read each and every word, the chunking technique allows you to take in blocks of words at a time. You train your eyes to focus on short paragraphs or word groupings with key meaning, avoiding filler words such as “and” and “the”. Hitting the first and last sentence of a paragraph will often give you the majority of necessary information. Sometimes, however, this method decreases reading comprehension and absorption of information.

2. Meta Guiding
Meta guiding is a speed reading technique that uses visual guides such as a finger, pen or card to assist the eye to scan text faster and more efficiently. You can use a finger or several fingers or a card to pace down the center of the page in a slow and even movement; you can use your hand or fingertips to underline the lines from left to right; or you can use the visual guide to “hop” from line to line, drawing the eye from one word or group of words to another. The eye is drawn to movement, so this method trains the eye to quickly move from one block of words to another instead of focusing on one word at a time.

Wrapping up…
Keep in mind, however, that different materials will require different speeds; a paperback novel will be easier to absorb than a chemistry text book. Speed reading is not magic; on the contrary, like any other skill, the only way to get better is to practice constantly. Normally it takes about three to four attempts to get used to it, and from there you can continue to increase your pace.

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  1. I totally read "aloud" in my mind. I love your point about how that can slow you down...


  2. Hi Marnie,

    thanks for your comment. I'm glad you found my information useful.
    I must admit that when I read a fascinating book than I prefer to read it "aloud" in my mind to prolong the pleasure:)

  3. Justyna

    I am so curious about Speed Reading. Really want to learn it. I believe that it changes your entire life when you learn to digest the information faster and also learn to concentrate on the essential parts of the material. It shifts your focus.

    thanks for the article

  4. Hi Martyna,

    I highly recommend that you master at least one of the techniques mentioned in my article. The results are great if you want to read more in the same time:)

  5. Hi Justyna,

    I have read loads of books so far and I must admit that I read fast:) However, especially Meta Guiding technique, sounds like a progress for my speed!

    Thanks a lot for sharing this info.

  6. Excellent methods!

    I see perfecting speed reading skill as a priority. There is so much information available online now and time to read them all is obviously limited:)

    Thanks a lot!

  7. Learning speed reading is essential if we want to stay up to date with what's going on daily:)

    I've used some of the techniques you describe here, not even knowing that they are called that way.