Wealth Propulsion seminar is now for FREE

I have already written about Chris Howard. He is the top world-class NLP trainer and motivational speaker. I value him for his creative thinking skills, excellent public speaking skills, enormous practice and knowledge in NLP. I find this guy extremely natural, easy-going, funny and so successful!!

I've been to some of his seminars so far.

When you are there Chris shares a lot of powerful NLP strategies and gives out a nice bunch of free stuff:) What's also valuable - it is a great opportunity to meet like-minded people, to come up with some new ideas and to get motivated enormously!

I think everyone knows now BREAKTHROUGH TO SUCCESS, which is the main Chris Howard's seminar - always for free and concentrated on personal development.
WEALTH PROPULSION is a brand new seminar. It was introduced last year as a paid seminar and concentrated on issues related to building wealth, financial freedom, how to overcome obstacles appearing on the way and which are stopping you from getting what you want. This year the formula of this life event stays the same. Only one thing has changed - it is now for FREE both in London (16-18 April 2010) and Dublin (28-30 May 2010). 

Watch below an interesting movie done by Chris Howard related to his new Wealth Propulsion life event.

Introduction to Speed Reading Techniques Part II

We covered some basics in the first part of this series, now let’s head on to some “meat” of speed reading techniques;).

Introduction to Speed Reading Techniques Part I

I bet you have always wanted to read faster and absorb more information at the same time. You can! It’s not a skill one has to be born with (although some people have natural talent to read fast), you can learn it by practicing simple speed reading techniques without losing retention of information.

Most people continue to read the way they were taught as children: letter by letter or word by word, and some even continue to read out loud or by mouthing the words. Reading this way is extremely time-consuming and does not guarantee retention of the information. The average person reads about 200-300 words per minute, while a speed reader can get through 500-700 words per minute, or even more.