Succeed in Business - start with the mindset

He keeps repeating: mindset is the key to everything! Change your thoughts - change your life. This is in many cases why some people seem to make money almost effortlessly while others struggle without seeing results. Often people who can’t seem to get ahead in life resign themselves to thinking that that is simply their lot in life, or that they’re just unlucky, or they could succeed if only they had the right connections. Clearly they don't have the right mindset!

He often says that the key is to:
- define what you want,
- take action,
- be persevering and
- overcome obstacles.

Do you want to learn from him? Who is he?
Wouldn’t it be great if you could actually be mentored by someone who has succeeded in business, someone who is wealthy and someone who is actually interested in sharing his knowledge and successes with other people?

Multimillionaire entrepreneur James Schramko is such a person. He offers advice and a mentoring program in which he shares his philosophy for succeeding in online business. He had a stable, secure job once but chose to build his new business from scratch to fulfill his dreams of freedom, doing what he wants, whenever he wants.

It was not easy.
The things that prevented him from giving up were absolute confidence and high self-esteem. That’s simple. It’s not the circumstances that make someone rich or successful, it’s his mindset.
If you are ready to implement a permanent change in your mindset and therefore your success, then you are one step away from achieving your dream. James Schramko's 3 day live event in Sydney will not only teach you how to overcome any obstacle and take action but he will reveal his ground breaking powerful strategies and techniques to make good money online.

The people who succeed in business have one thing in common: they have the utmost confidence in themselves and their abilities and have trained their mind to fully believe they can achieve success.


  1. If your mind is completely set for business then your business will be successful...
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  2. Mindset is crucial in all aspects of life, especially in business. Our business is constantly assessing people's suitability for particular roles and one of the first things we try to gauge is their mindset.

    It is a powerful predictor of performance.