Laughing Yoga – is this a joke or remedy?

Laughing Yoga is a type of Laughter Therapy – a combination of laughing and yoga breathing. In fact, the word "yoga" means union, as in the integration of body and mind. Laughing (or Laughter) Yoga is a fairly new concept based on the idea that laughter is beneficial to your health and that anyone can laugh without external stimulus. It uses physical movement such as clapping and chanting, simple yoga postures like stretching, breathing exercises, voluntary laughing and positive affirmations. Performing this on a daily basis can help you boost your immune system, reduce stress, and feel more joy in your life.

So how do you laugh without hearing a joke or watching a comedy? As adults we have been trained to laugh as a conditional, mental response. In other words, we hear a joke, process it in our minds to determine if we “get” it, and then decide to laugh as a result. Children’s laughter, on the other hand, is instinctual and mostly physiological. They don’t need a carefully constructed punchline to tap into humor; kids laugh when they’re playing, and because they don’t need a reason, they laugh up to 400 times a day. Adults, on the other hand, laugh only an average of 16 times a day. The idea of Laughing Yoga, therefore, is to re-teach adults to laugh without a reason and to cultivate the playfulness of childhood again.

Breathing is vital to our health, not to mention our existence, and yet most people don’t breathe properly. They breathe so shallowly that carbon dioxide builds up in the lungs. But when you breathe deeply and slowly, you take in more oxygen which clears out the carbon dioxide and allows more oxygen to flow into your cells and your brain. Laughing Yoga incorporates two great ways to bring in more oxygen: yoga breathing and laughing.
Simply by doing these laughter exercises the brain will be tricked into thinking it’s happy and produce the same chemical reaction in your body that happens when you truly are happy. After a while this response will become habit and you will find yourself feeling happy more and more, regardless of your external circumstances.

To learn more about the Laughing Yoga founder Dr. Madan Kataria and to learn how to do the basic exercises get these laughing yoga ebooks and watch this incredible movie.


  1. I am calm like a baby when I exercise yoga , smile comes so naturally

    great for the mind and body!

  2. Yes, it is great. I like the combination of yoga and laughing. The excercises shown by Madan Kataria in the movie are excellent!!!

  3. I love to laugh. It definitely makes me feel better and has often worked to reduce pain during my more chronic pain times. Childhood spontaneity is so magical and my partner and I often talk to each other in 'baby talk' which always makes us laugh and is very 'bonding' :-)

    Here's a video of him 'eating' (so funny!) and me laughing at the faces he makes. laughter is contagious:

  4. Thank you Joy,

    It is very motivational what you write:) Your YouTube movie is funny, there is a lot of peace and positive energy coming out of the screen:)