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If you could be, do and have anything you want in life, what would it be?
For many people, this question is shrouded in vagueness; they might actually be able to break through to success in their lives…if only they knew what their passion was. Unfortunately, far too many people settle for mediocrity in their jobs, their relationships, their health and their financial situation because they have learned a mindset that says “I can’t” instead of “I can”. They have never been given the tools to achieve greatness.

Laughing Yoga – is this a joke or remedy?

Laughing Yoga is a type of Laughter Therapy – a combination of laughing and yoga breathing. In fact, the word "yoga" means union, as in the integration of body and mind. Laughing (or Laughter) Yoga is a fairly new concept based on the idea that laughter is beneficial to your health and that anyone can laugh without external stimulus. It uses physical movement such as clapping and chanting, simple yoga postures like stretching, breathing exercises, voluntary laughing and positive affirmations. Performing this on a daily basis can help you boost your immune system, reduce stress, and feel more joy in your life.