My friends visit to Spa Dallas - the treasures of relaxation and the success that comes afterward

What were the happiest moments in your life? Do you come back to those precious memories often?
Why am I asking? Simply, it has been proven by the scientists all around the world that thinking about nice things can change our lives.
Just imagine being totally happy, relaxed, enjoying every single moment, like being in a garden, lying on green grass, looking at the you feel your muscles relaxing?
Incredible thing is, that when you visit Spas (the centres for relaxation, well-being of your body and mind) you lengthen your life, by taking care of your most precious vehicle that carries you all the way from your birth to your death...
What you encounter when visiting Spas like the one visited by my friends - Spa Dallas:
  • Thai Massage – which is Deep Tissue massage, and incorporates compression and assisted Yoga -like stretching to increase your sense of deep calm and well-being.
  • Hot Stone Massage – Soothing and Relaxing smooth river stones and Deep Tissue Massage, it brings immediate relief to tense muscles.
  • Myo-Fascial Release– Gentle Deep Tissue massage provides long-term relief from chronic muscle stiffness. Shiatsu – The rhythmic and ancient Japanese-style massage designed to trigger and release specific tension points in the body. Aroma Therapy – The Swedish-style massage combined with the healing benefits of essential oils will aid in lymphatic drainage and re-energize overworked muscles. Simply phenomenal it promotes physical and mental relaxation!
  • Swedish Massage– Tender palpation’s used to gently relax muscle tension, stress, and ease of the mind.
  • Remedied Salt Scrub – Let the gentle exfoliation of cells transform your skin with smooth, hydrating essential oils encompassed in our Dead Sea Salts. The unique concentration of minerals will help regenerate your skin, detoxify the epidermis and strengthen your defense system.
Hopefully I’ll visit this Spa myself soon.

Visiting Dallas? Imagine visiting Eden in Spa Dallas

When you travel the world you become a different person. But, most of us lead busy lives, we share our time between work, sleep, some moments with our families and friends... and there is not much left for something...that can transform our days, emotions we experience, stop stress, make us stronger... happier and beautiful. 

Does it sound familiar to you?
There was a time in my life when I was obsessed with achieving goals, I worked a lot, ate badly... and it immediately resulted in my appearance. I looked at myself and listened to my body. I craved for something that would help me bring my happy life back.
In our lives everything is interconnected. Our inner lives - feelings, needs, desires, abilities, with our external appearance. The way we look is influenced by our relations with ourselves and others, abilities to say what we really want, the will to take action. When you change one of the areas, every other shifts as well. When you relax your body, you immediately become more creative, able to face the unexpected. It has been scientifically proven that our brains work best when relaxed.
And there are numerous ways to achieve it. One of the best ways is to visit Spas. Just try them, and you will never be the same. In Dallas for example, my friends told me that there is Spa Dallas.
What makes Spa so special? Just look at my next post, where I tell you of the. tremendously relaxing treatments you may expect when you give yourself this precious gift of relaxation.

Creative Thinking Techniques – want to accelerate?

Creative thinking techniques have been used for ages by people to come up with new ideas, to solve difficult tasks, to make decisions, to create things and more.

If you think you are not creative, don’t worry! Creativity can be learned. 

Here are some extremely useful techniques, you can use to enhance creative thinking skills:

Goal Setting Theory – what’s in it for you

It’s true that the more you know where you are going the easier it is and the faster you get there. But it doesn’t mean you have to know everything before you start taking any action. On the contrary, the main idea is to have your plan ready, execute it and reach perfection and constant improvement on the way to achieving your goals. 

Have you ever feared failure? What if I told you that it is the key to success...

Napoleon Bonaparte, wanted to change the world and he is one of the strongest personalities in the history of mankind. He knew that the true power comes from within. He knew how to transform it into gold. His success strategies were masterpieces. Good thing is that we can learn from his successes and failures and build our own dream land on earth.

"A true man hates no one."

Wealth Propulsion seminar is now for FREE

I have already written about Chris Howard. He is the top world-class NLP trainer and motivational speaker. I value him for his creative thinking skills, excellent public speaking skills, enormous practice and knowledge in NLP. I find this guy extremely natural, easy-going, funny and so successful!!

I've been to some of his seminars so far.

When you are there Chris shares a lot of powerful NLP strategies and gives out a nice bunch of free stuff:) What's also valuable - it is a great opportunity to meet like-minded people, to come up with some new ideas and to get motivated enormously!

I think everyone knows now BREAKTHROUGH TO SUCCESS, which is the main Chris Howard's seminar - always for free and concentrated on personal development.
WEALTH PROPULSION is a brand new seminar. It was introduced last year as a paid seminar and concentrated on issues related to building wealth, financial freedom, how to overcome obstacles appearing on the way and which are stopping you from getting what you want. This year the formula of this life event stays the same. Only one thing has changed - it is now for FREE both in London (16-18 April 2010) and Dublin (28-30 May 2010). 

Watch below an interesting movie done by Chris Howard related to his new Wealth Propulsion life event.

Introduction to Speed Reading Techniques Part I

I bet you have always wanted to read faster and absorb more information at the same time. You can! It’s not a skill one has to be born with (although some people have natural talent to read fast), you can learn it by practicing simple speed reading techniques without losing retention of information.

Most people continue to read the way they were taught as children: letter by letter or word by word, and some even continue to read out loud or by mouthing the words. Reading this way is extremely time-consuming and does not guarantee retention of the information. The average person reads about 200-300 words per minute, while a speed reader can get through 500-700 words per minute, or even more.

Succeed in Business - start with the mindset

He keeps repeating: mindset is the key to everything! Change your thoughts - change your life. This is in many cases why some people seem to make money almost effortlessly while others struggle without seeing results. Often people who can’t seem to get ahead in life resign themselves to thinking that that is simply their lot in life, or that they’re just unlucky, or they could succeed if only they had the right connections. Clearly they don't have the right mindset!

Brainstorming Tools – powerful NLP ideas

If you could be, do and have anything you want in life, what would it be?
For many people, this question is shrouded in vagueness; they might actually be able to break through to success in their lives…if only they knew what their passion was. Unfortunately, far too many people settle for mediocrity in their jobs, their relationships, their health and their financial situation because they have learned a mindset that says “I can’t” instead of “I can”. They have never been given the tools to achieve greatness.

Laughing Yoga – is this a joke or remedy?

Laughing Yoga is a type of Laughter Therapy – a combination of laughing and yoga breathing. In fact, the word "yoga" means union, as in the integration of body and mind. Laughing (or Laughter) Yoga is a fairly new concept based on the idea that laughter is beneficial to your health and that anyone can laugh without external stimulus. It uses physical movement such as clapping and chanting, simple yoga postures like stretching, breathing exercises, voluntary laughing and positive affirmations. Performing this on a daily basis can help you boost your immune system, reduce stress, and feel more joy in your life.