The importance of good mentoring

I find mentoring as essential as eating or drinking. For me it is a way of quickly and efficiently developing the many aspects of my life. I've got a couple of mentors; sadly, one of them is not with us anymore but fortunately she left us with a couple of her great books.

Most popular sources describe a mentor as someone with experience, knowledge and/or skills in a specific area who is able, willing and available to share this information with another individual.

My definition of a mentor is broader because I've got some spiritual mentors who are not personally available to me. One of them is Ayn Rand. I value her approach to courage, values and individualism. In her books she describes strong personalities who, no matter the circumstance, always follow their passion in life. Of course, there are also those who act in opposition to this belief, and it's really interesting and even inspiring to read the implications of not following your passion.

My new mentor is Internet Marketing Speed founder James Schramko. He left his highly paid job to successfully develop internet marketing strategies and automated profit systems like affiliate marketing, list building, search engine optimization and traffic generation.

Not only is he my business coach but he is available to me! :) He is a relaxed, easy-going and extremely successful Aussie who is very positive and has fantastic new ideas all the time. A huge part of his nature is to share all his great wisdom with others and he always delivers what he promises.

In Poland it is minus 15 degrees Celsius right now but here he is talking about time management on the beaches of Sydney. What a life!

Check out this exclusive offer to enter his Coaching Forum, where I'm one of the lucky members. This is a private forum, which is by invitation only.


  1. Hello,

    Thank you for the post. My blog is called the Invisible Mentor (, and Washington State University professor Karen Peterson defines an invisible mentor as a unique leader who you can learn things by observing them over a period of years. I have broadened the meaning of invisible mentors so Ayn Rand and those phenomenal people who have passed on would be included in my definition of Invisible Mentors.

  2. Thank you Avil, I really appreciate your thoughts about invisible mentors:)
    It's great to read about Ayn Rand being mentioned by you, especially as one of the mentors.

  3. Justynko, życzę Ci byś szczególnie w czasie Świąt czuła wokół siebie Miłość i życzliwość osób, którym naprawdę na Tobie zależy.

  4. Jadwigo, dziękuję za wspaniałe życzenia:) Tobie też życzę, aby te Święta pełne były dla ciebie wyjątkowych chwil i wzruszeń.