Interview with Allan Pease on body language

Is reading a body language easy and useful to know how?
Allan Pease is the author of a series of books on body language.
I was impressed greately watching him speak about this very interesting topic.

He points out that it's critical to have the skill of reading a body language both in business and social life, as it saves a lot of time.
The first 4 minutes of a conversation are crucial. During that time you get the impression if you are interested in further conversation or not.
It's about the language you use, gestures, movements. I found it very interesting to learn how to recognize when someone is faking the certainty and confidence or lying. In that situation Allan Pease points out that it is important to look for contradictions of what their gestures and words are saying. Those who fake or lie pretend for the first 4 to 5 minutes and later it's really hard to hide true feelings and intentions.

I heard about cultural differences between different nations. Anyway it is very funny to hear Allan Pease saying that in Asian culture, especially in Japan looking into the eyes of a speaking person is considered to be rude and aggresive, like staring at someone, because they hardly look into their eyes while speaking and rather look at the throat.
In the western culture, while talking with another person, the rule is to look into his/her eyes for 2/3 of the time and for 1/3 to look away. When someone is lying than it is opposite:))

Are you interested in learning how to use body language to take someone from negative state to positive one? When to ask a girl to dance and when not;)?

Watch this interesting interview with ALLAN PEASE on body language.


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