Do you want to have some fun?:-)

Today I could choose from many movies to watch. But subconsciously I've chosen to watch Pete Crofts' seminar. It was recorded in 1998, so I was really curious what was told during motivational seminars at that time:)

The seminar was about having fun in business and personal life. I would like to write one of the jokes he has told, which made me laugh a lot but made me think as well.

So according to him.... His brother owned a factory and employed 50 people. One year on his birthday he came to work expecting reactions from the stuff but he hasn't received not even one birthday card. He was deeply disappointed and felt very sad, so he called his secretary and told her about reasons of his sadness and invited her to a bar to have some drinks with him. After some drinks he realized how nice person she is and offered her to have some fun with him. She was delighted but suggested going to her place. So they came back to her place and she told him to make himself comfortable. So he had some more drinks and felt even better. Suddenly the secretary told him that she was coming to her bedroom to put on her something more comfortable and that she wants him to come to the bedroom in five minutes. He was quite enthusiastic about her offer and sat down counting the minutes. When the time was off, he jumped up, threw off all of his clothes and ran to the bedroom.... and there was his whole stuff waiting and singing..."Happy birthday to you..." :-))

What he concluded was that the secret to life was being embarrassed and enjoying it. The secret to humour was to share those embarrassing moments and humour is about being human.
If you want to find out more watch this 25 minutes long movie, there are many more interesting and intriguing jokes out there:-)


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