Cashflow Game - A path to financial freedom?

Yesterday I was playing the Cashflow Board Game 202. I love this game. While playing it I have a lot fun and every time I learn new things increasing my financial intelligence:). The concept of financial freedom presented by Robert Kiyosaki is very interesting as well. In the game the variety of cards gives a lot of possibilities to have a different scenario each time I play.
My first cashflow game took place in Buenos Aires last year, where a good friend of mine invited me to play with him and his friends. But it wasn't the first time I heard about the game. I remember some years ago I was reading about Cashflow Game and what I liked a lot was that it gives an opportunity to develop strategic thinking, raises financial and investement knowledge and most of all gives a lot of FUN!!!!
I've been playing Cashflow in various places so far: starting from Argentina, London, Wrocław. Now I've got my own CASHFLOW GAME:))


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