Best Motivational Movie!!!

Wow, I have just watched this movie. I love it. It is so inspiring and motivational. I want to watch it every day:) LIFE = RISK


  1. Witaj Justyno,
    Zobacz te filmy:

  2. it is phenomenal Justynko :) the examples , and the final word - if you have never failed , you have never lived ! it reminds me of something - the results people get are there because the of their focus , so the failure doesn't really exist ! what exists is misconception , lack of self-understading !

  3. Dziękuję Jadwigo i Martyno

    @Jadwigo, filmy są wzruszające, to wspaniałe, do czego jesteśmi zdolni....

    @Martyno, I agree fully, there is simply no failure only feedback:)