Attitude is altitude - Nick Vujicic

He is the youngest inspirational and motivational speaker I have ever heard of. A couple of days ago a colleague of mine sent me some links to see Nick Vujicic movies on Youtube. Today I've seen another movie, an interview on Skyquestcom.
I was so impressed to watch him speak with such a positive energy, using powerful beautiful words and to be so happy to speak in front of others giving them hope and support, courage to go on and never give up.

One might ask here why it was so special for me? There are many other speakers, world best speakers and mentors who perform so well and give the best they can to help others....
Well, Nick is at the time of writing 25 years old and he doesn't have limbs or arms. He was born disabled but he has got passion for reaching out to people and he wants to make a difference. He says: "you are the only one who puts limits on the things around you". Ask yourself how high you fly?
I'm not surprised he gives so much encouragment to people who come to his seminars. Can you imagine what he has been through, as a child and than teenager, in comparison with everyone else and still the sky is not a limit for him:))

Watch this compelling 3 minutes long movie.....


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