The importance of good mentoring

I find mentoring as essential as eating or drinking. For me it is a way of quickly and efficiently developing the many aspects of my life. I've got a couple of mentors; sadly, one of them is not with us anymore but fortunately she left us with a couple of her great books.

Most popular sources describe a mentor as someone with experience, knowledge and/or skills in a specific area who is able, willing and available to share this information with another individual.

My definition of a mentor is broader because I've got some spiritual mentors who are not personally available to me. One of them is Ayn Rand. I value her approach to courage, values and individualism. In her books she describes strong personalities who, no matter the circumstance, always follow their passion in life. Of course, there are also those who act in opposition to this belief, and it's really interesting and even inspiring to read the implications of not following your passion.

My new mentor is Internet Marketing Speed founder James Schramko. He left his highly paid job to successfully develop internet marketing strategies and automated profit systems like affiliate marketing, list building, search engine optimization and traffic generation.

Not only is he my business coach but he is available to me! :) He is a relaxed, easy-going and extremely successful Aussie who is very positive and has fantastic new ideas all the time. A huge part of his nature is to share all his great wisdom with others and he always delivers what he promises.

In Poland it is minus 15 degrees Celsius right now but here he is talking about time management on the beaches of Sydney. What a life!

Check out this exclusive offer to enter his Coaching Forum, where I'm one of the lucky members. This is a private forum, which is by invitation only.

My Top 10 quotes

I love reading, watching movies and getting to know other people, all of which allows me to come across extremely interesting expressions and ideas. I’ll share some of these with you here:

1. "To be like water." This is from the book The Art of War by Sun Tzu and is about flexibility, adaptability, responding to changes and not giving up. Just like water. When the water of a river runs into an obstacle, it adapts, changes course and finds a new way to its ultimate goal.

2. "If a thing is humanly possible, consider it within your reach" Marcus Aurelius.

3. "Success is not to be pursued; it is to be attracted by the person you become"
Jim Rohn.

4. "Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever" Gandhi.

5. "Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again more intelligently" Henry Ford.

6. "SWSWSWSW - some will, some won't, so what, someone's is waiting" Jack Canfield.

7. "I have lived a long life and had many troubles, most of which never happened" Mark Twain.

8. "You can never learn less; you can only learn more. The reason I know so much is because I have made so many mistakes" Buckminister Fuller.

9. "Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions" Albert Einstein. I would sum it up : see what you want - get what you see!!

10. "Seek first to understand, than to be understood" Stephen Covey.

Does the law of attraction work?

Everyone I know who watched the popular movie The Secret was impressed by it, though opinions about it differ. Many feel that the movie is controversial and that the people in it who speak about their experience with manifestation and abundance are simply lucky.

Is that really so?

I have a different point of view. The law of attraction is not about some super, magical power that turns every dream and visualization into reality. On the contrary, it can be explained from a scientific point of view. For example:

Our brilliant brain is constantly inundated by approximately 2,000,000 bits of information per second that come in through our five senses but our nervous system is designed to process only a portion of it. It routes the incoming information into manageable sizes and processes only about 134 bits!

So most of the information our brain takes in is simply not processed, and the information we do process are the issues we put our focus on. It is here that we realize the importance of choice. When we choose to focus on one thing we also choose to delete unimaginable amounts of information that do not belong in our relatively small circle of focus.

So you attract into your life what you put your focus on by:
- focusing on it
- acting as if it's already in your life
- not letting failures discourage you
- learning through mistakes
- taking risks rather than playing it safe

I'd tell you more, but it's a secret! Watch the trailer of The Secret or buy THE BOOK to find out more about how the law of attraction works. :)

Do you want to have some fun?:-)

Today I could choose from many movies to watch. But subconsciously I've chosen to watch Pete Crofts' seminar. It was recorded in 1998, so I was really curious what was told during motivational seminars at that time:)

The seminar was about having fun in business and personal life. I would like to write one of the jokes he has told, which made me laugh a lot but made me think as well.

So according to him.... His brother owned a factory and employed 50 people. One year on his birthday he came to work expecting reactions from the stuff but he hasn't received not even one birthday card. He was deeply disappointed and felt very sad, so he called his secretary and told her about reasons of his sadness and invited her to a bar to have some drinks with him. After some drinks he realized how nice person she is and offered her to have some fun with him. She was delighted but suggested going to her place. So they came back to her place and she told him to make himself comfortable. So he had some more drinks and felt even better. Suddenly the secretary told him that she was coming to her bedroom to put on her something more comfortable and that she wants him to come to the bedroom in five minutes. He was quite enthusiastic about her offer and sat down counting the minutes. When the time was off, he jumped up, threw off all of his clothes and ran to the bedroom.... and there was his whole stuff waiting and singing..."Happy birthday to you..." :-))

What he concluded was that the secret to life was being embarrassed and enjoying it. The secret to humour was to share those embarrassing moments and humour is about being human.
If you want to find out more watch this 25 minutes long movie, there are many more interesting and intriguing jokes out there:-)

Are you a goal achiever?

You can be anything you want to be, if only you believe with sufficient conviction and act in accordance with your faith; for whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve

When you realize what the key to life’s joy is, keep going. The key lays in the self-conscious, self confident you. You build it by setting small goals, achieving them and than repeating this action again and again until you achieve what you dreamt of. And you realize your goals by taking action here and now.
It is also who surrounds you that moves you forward or slows you down. Your teachers have possibility to speed up your process of change passing on to you the experiences that took them years to build up. Use somebody else’s experience to speed up your own learning processes. Use teachers, mentors and learn from the best.

Excerpt from the ebook "The key to success" soon to be available....

Attitude is altitude - Nick Vujicic

He is the youngest inspirational and motivational speaker I have ever heard of. A couple of days ago a colleague of mine sent me some links to see Nick Vujicic movies on Youtube. Today I've seen another movie, an interview on Skyquestcom.
I was so impressed to watch him speak with such a positive energy, using powerful beautiful words and to be so happy to speak in front of others giving them hope and support, courage to go on and never give up.

One might ask here why it was so special for me? There are many other speakers, world best speakers and mentors who perform so well and give the best they can to help others....
Well, Nick is at the time of writing 25 years old and he doesn't have limbs or arms. He was born disabled but he has got passion for reaching out to people and he wants to make a difference. He says: "you are the only one who puts limits on the things around you". Ask yourself how high you fly?
I'm not surprised he gives so much encouragment to people who come to his seminars. Can you imagine what he has been through, as a child and than teenager, in comparison with everyone else and still the sky is not a limit for him:))

Watch this compelling 3 minutes long movie.....

Cashflow Game - A path to financial freedom?

Yesterday I was playing the Cashflow Board Game 202. I love this game. While playing it I have a lot fun and every time I learn new things increasing my financial intelligence:). The concept of financial freedom presented by Robert Kiyosaki is very interesting as well. In the game the variety of cards gives a lot of possibilities to have a different scenario each time I play.
My first cashflow game took place in Buenos Aires last year, where a good friend of mine invited me to play with him and his friends. But it wasn't the first time I heard about the game. I remember some years ago I was reading about Cashflow Game and what I liked a lot was that it gives an opportunity to develop strategic thinking, raises financial and investement knowledge and most of all gives a lot of FUN!!!!
I've been playing Cashflow in various places so far: starting from Argentina, London, Wrocław. Now I've got my own CASHFLOW GAME:))

Millionaire Mind Intensive

T. Harv Eker has recently become quite well known due to his Millionaire Mind Intensive seminar.
Unfortunately I had to leave London just before the weekend when his seminar was scheduled to occur.
But today I have seen a movie (first part of the series of 3) recorded during one of his seminar:) He and his partner speak about financial freedom. They say: "if you want to get rich just do what rich people do" but do you know how it is to be rich? I agree that number one reason why people don't get what they want is because they don't know what they want.
In my case when I know exactly what I want, I visualize the moment when I already have it and I make a plan how to get it, further on I stick with the plan, modyfing it when such need occurs. The results are tremendous. However it's always easier said than done:))

Watch this short movie from T. Harv Eker seminar to find out more about financial freedom.

Money is like manure:)

Today I've been reading a part of one of my favourite books by Jack Canfield. And I can't resist sharing here a simple but significant truth about wealth:
"Money is like manure. If you spread it around it does a lot of good. But if you pile it up in one place it stinks like hell" :)
Interesting, isn't it:D. I see that quotation as something really worth to think about. But I suppose everyone could find different meaning to it.
What is your meaning?

Dzisiaj czytałam książkę jednego z moich ulubionych autorów Jack Canfield. Nie mogę oprzeć się chęci zacytowania tutaj pewnej prostej, ale znaczącej prawdy na temat bogactwa : "Pieniądze są jak obornik. Jesli rozrzucisz je wokoło, to mogą uczynić wiele dobrego. Ale jesli zgromadzisz je w jednym miejscu, to smierdzą jak diabli" :)
Interesujące, nieprawdaż:D. Ten cytat uważam za cos naprawdę wartego rozważenia i przeanalizowania. Ale przypuszczem, że każdy może miec różne interpretacje tej mysli.
A jakie ty nadajesz mu znaczenie?

Wealth explosion in London:)

I am a big fan of Christopher Howard. He is another mentor of mine in terms of personal development and NLP. For almost two decades, Chris has researched the success strategies of the world's greatest business, philanthropic and spiritual minds. I couldn't resist attending his seminars and I've been to 2 of his Breakthrough to Success events in London and wow!!! This guy is amazing. I like his natural way of being, his enormous knowledge of NLP and how to use those techniques to make your life better. He is a giver much more than taker and this is another reason why hundreds of people are attracted to his seminars. Recently he has come up with a new kind of a seminar on WEALTH EXPLOSION.
He concentrates on the Hidden Secrets of The World’s Richest People. Well according to Chris Howard: "first of all they don’t focus on making money! So, if money is not the purpose of the game, what is the purpose? Well, that is entirely up to YOU. Let me ask you a question: What do you want to DO with your money? Money may be a great way of keeping score, but it’s just a means to an end. It’s not the end itself. The end is the why. Stop and think about that".
Here you can watch a short movie where Chris talks about this new great event.

Interview with Allan Pease on body language

Is reading a body language easy and useful to know how?
Allan Pease is the author of a series of books on body language.
I was impressed greately watching him speak about this very interesting topic.

He points out that it's critical to have the skill of reading a body language both in business and social life, as it saves a lot of time.
The first 4 minutes of a conversation are crucial. During that time you get the impression if you are interested in further conversation or not.
It's about the language you use, gestures, movements. I found it very interesting to learn how to recognize when someone is faking the certainty and confidence or lying. In that situation Allan Pease points out that it is important to look for contradictions of what their gestures and words are saying. Those who fake or lie pretend for the first 4 to 5 minutes and later it's really hard to hide true feelings and intentions.

I heard about cultural differences between different nations. Anyway it is very funny to hear Allan Pease saying that in Asian culture, especially in Japan looking into the eyes of a speaking person is considered to be rude and aggresive, like staring at someone, because they hardly look into their eyes while speaking and rather look at the throat.
In the western culture, while talking with another person, the rule is to look into his/her eyes for 2/3 of the time and for 1/3 to look away. When someone is lying than it is opposite:))

Are you interested in learning how to use body language to take someone from negative state to positive one? When to ask a girl to dance and when not;)?

Watch this interesting interview with ALLAN PEASE on body language.

Best Motivational Movie!!!

Wow, I have just watched this movie. I love it. It is so inspiring and motivational. I want to watch it every day:) LIFE = RISK

Journey with Tony Campolo

Who is Tony Campolo? It's an Italian guy who was a spiritual advisor of Bill Clinton. He is a fantastic speaker at the same time. Today I have been watching his extremely dynamic and funny speach on a seminar, where he was talking about making decisions, principles of achieving success and courage needed to make changes in ones' life. I'm impressed greatly of what I have watched and heard
Here is the link to this video lasting roughly 25 minutes JOURNEY TO SUCCESS

How did you enjoy it?:)

Kim jest Tony Campolo? To Wloch, który był duchowym doradcą prezydenta Billa Clintona. Jest on zarazem fantastycznym mówcą. Dzisiaj oglądalam jego niezwykle dynamiczne i zabawne wystąpienie na seminarium, gdzie mówił o wyborach ludzkich, o podstawach osiągania sukcesu, o odwadze potrzebnej do zaprowadzania zmian w swoim życiu. Jestem pod wielkim wrażeniem tego, co zobaczylam i uslyszalam.
Oto link do filmu, który trwa niecale 25 minut PODRÓŻ DO SUKCESU

Jakie się wam podobało?:)

Klucz do sukcesu | The key to success

Bill Bartmann jest dla mnie niezwyklą osobowoscią. Jego proste slowa o powodach osiagania sukcesu są tak bardzo prawdziwe. Bill mówi, że aby osiagnac sukces, trzeba umieć podejmować ryzyko. Ludzie boją się podejmować ryzyko, ponieważ boją się, że nie uda im się, a to z kolei spowoduje negatywne opinie srodowiska. Więc rzeczą zasadniczą jest znalezienie sposobu na zwiększenie poczucia wlasnej wartosci. Bo to z kolei spowoduje zmniejszenie obaw o zdanie innych i taka osoba będzie w większym stopniu chciala podejmować ryzyko. Takie dzialanie plus uczenie się na blędach to klucz do sukcesu.

Bill Bartmann is an incredible personality for me. His simple words about reasons of being successful are so real. Bill says that, in order to be successful, one needs to be taking risk. People are afraid of taking the risk, as they are afraid of failing and subsequently they worry about other people's opinion. So the essential is to find a way to raise the level of self-esteem. It will lower worring about others' opinion and such a person will be more likely taking the risk. This is the key to success.

Anthony Robbins is incredible...

Today I've been watching a movie from a seminar of Anthony Robbins.
He was talking about 3 patterns of our feelings regarding the surrounding world.
The first pattern is the phisiological one - reactions of our body to what's happening.
The second one is the language we use.
The third one - the pattern of focus/belief.

It is important to understand that the kind of language we use have got significant meaning to the fact how we behave in certain situations.
The words which we use affect our subconscious mind, change the way we perceive the reality and at the same time influence the way we behave. When using positive words we start perceiving and interpreting the reality in that way.
It is important at the same time, that these words are in harmony with reactions of our body otherwise we won't be very effective and successful.

Positive thinking is the key to success in every aspect of our life:-)

Dzisiaj oglądałam film z seminarium Anthonego Robbinsa.
Mówił on między innymi o 3 aspektach naszych odczuć odnośnie otaczającego nas świata.
Pierwszą jest - platforma fizjologii, a więc reakcje organizmu na to, co się dzieje.
Drugą platformą jest - język, którego używamy.
Trzecią zaś - platforma skupienia się na czymś i przekonań temu towarzyszących.

Ważne jest, aby zrozumieć, że to, jakiego języka używamy, ma kolosalne znaczenie dla faktu, jak reagujemy w określonych sytuacjach. Słowa, których używamy oddziaływują na naszą podświadomość, zmieniają sposób postrzegania rzeczywistości, jednocześnie wpływają na to, jak się zachowujemy. Używając słów pozytywnych, zaczynamy tak odbierać rzeczywistość i interpretować ją w takim świetle. Ważne jest przy tym, aby słowa te były w zgodzie z reakcjami naszego organizmu, bo tylko w przypadku harmonii w tym zakresie, wszelkie afirmacje odniosą swój skutek.
Podobnie, w sytuacji, gdy skupiam się na czymś i dążę do osiągnięcia celu, to to jaki rezultat osiągnę zależy od moich przekonań co do moich możliwości i wyobrażeń o o towarzyszących okolicznościach.

Myślenie pozytywne jest kluczem do sukcesu w każdej sferze życia:-)

A movie with BrianTracy :)))

My personal development's fascination is still there:)
If there was a way to achieve what you want, would you be interested to get it?

I've noticed that many people don't believe they are capable to get what they want. They let things happen and solve without their influence, counting silently that everything is going to be just fine. If it is not fine, than they believe it must have been that way.
I know from my own experience that it's not like that.
Therefore I'm quite much interested in examples of great speakers, mentors and
personal development coaches, who created their own success. Each and everyone of them repeats that the success principles are:
- being patient,
- keeping in doing everything to achieve the success,
- being open for new opportunities, constant improvement.

Learning from the best mentors and from their speeches, and seminars have become a major part of my life. I want constantly to develope myself and recently I have found a place, where I can learn from.
I totally agree with Brian Tracy, when he recommends this elearning platform SKYQUESTCOM

To be continued...:)

Moja fascynacja rozwojem osobistym nie ustaje:)
Jeśli byłby sposób na zdobycie tego, co chcesz, czy byłoby to coś warte twojego zainteresowania?

Zauważyłam, że sporo osób nie wierzy w to, że są zdolne do zdobycia w swoim życiu tego, co pragną, o czym marzą. Pozwalają na to, aby "sprawy same się układały", licząc po cichutku, że wszystko się dobrze ułoży, bądź, że jeśli jest tak a nie inaczej, to znaczy, ze tak musi być!
Ja wiem, że tak nie jest, wiem to z własnego doświadczenia:), ale również bardzo interesują mnie przykłady osób na całym świecie, wielkich mówców, trenerów rozwoju osobistego, mentorów w różnych dziedzinach, którzy sami zapracowali na swój wielki sukces. W ten czy innych sposób każdy z nich powtarza, że podstawą sukcesu jest :
- bycie cierpliwym,
- nie ustawanie w dążeniu do osiągnięcia celu,
- otwartość na po jawiące się możliwości, działanie i ciągłe doskonalenie się.

Uczenie się od najlepszych i czerpanie z ich przemówień,i seminariów stało się zasadniczą częścią mojego życia. Chcę czerpać od najlepszych mentorów tego świata i znalazłam takie miejsce:))

W pełni zgadzam się z Brianem Tracy, jak zachwala platformę elearningu SKYQUESTCOM


Cd. nastąpi.......:))

Londyn London Londres

I came back to London for good. It's been only some days since I arrived but I feel like at home - my new home. After some unexpected accommodation problems at the very beginning I found a house in Wembley Central, where I live now. I like this place. I rent a single room for a reasonable price and share the house with a Canadian&British couple, an Irish guy and one more guy whom I haven't met yet. The girl from Canada is from Couchsurfing - so friendly and very nice. My house is situated close to the commercial centre of the district, so all the shops, banks, agencies, restaurants are very close. There is one Polish shop and as for exotic ones than shops and restaurants with Indian and Malesian food. Simply fantastic. I haven't yet had the time to drop in them and try new things but this moment is very close, as I like their cuisine a lot. Sometimes when I pass by some houses here I feel the exceptional scents of Asian spices, simply great.

Wrócilam do Londynu na dobre. Jestem tutaj dopiero kilka dni, ale czuję się jak w domu - w moim nowym domu. Po niespodziewanych problemach z mieszkaniem na samym początku znalazlam dom na Wembley Central, gdzie teraz mieszkam. Lubię to miejsce. Wynajmuję pokój za przyzwoitą cenę i dzielę dom wraz z Kanadyjsko-Brytyjską parą, facetem z Irlandii i jeszcze jednym facetem, ale jeszcze go nie poznalam. Dziewczyna z Kanady należy do klubu Couchsurfing - jest bardzo przyjacielska i mila. Mój dom jest polożony blisko centrum handlowego w tej dzielnicy, więc wszystkie sklepy, banki, agencje, restauracje są bardzo blisko. Jest tutaj jeden Polski sklep, zas co do egzotycznych miejsc, to są tutaj sklepy i restauracje z Indyjskim i Malezyjskim jedzeniem. Po prostu fantastycznie. Jeszcze nie mialam czasu, żeby wpasć do nich i spróbować nowych rzeczy, ale ten moment jest bardzo blisko, ponieważ bardzo lubię ich kuchnię. Czasami, kiedy przechodzę obok niektórych domów tutaj czuję wyjątkowe zapachy Azjatyckich potraw, po prostu wspaniale.

Świat podwodny/Underwater world

Czekam na rozpoczęcie sezonu nurkowego w tym roku. Teraz jest jeszcze za zimno. Kusiło mnie bardzo, gdy byłam w Argentynie na Półwyspie Valdez, aby zanurkować, ale nie mogłam, bo świeżo przed wyjazdem z Polski do Ameryki Południowej zdobyłam uprawnienia i legitymacja była dopiero w drodze do Polski.
Wracam pamięcią do wspaniałej podróży do Egiptu z grupą znajomych nurków. Niedawno odebralam od nich wykonane wówczas zdjęcia, w tym wiele pod wodą. Byłam i nadal jestem pod ogromnym wrażeniem tego wszystkiego, co zobaczyłam w Morzu Czerwonym. Niestety jednak, im głębiej schodzi się pod wodę, tym bardziej zanikają różne kolory i przechodzą w szarość. Ale dobry sprzęt video albo fotograficzny z odpowiednimi filtrami może zarejestrować piękno głębin, różnorodność barw. W Egipcie nurkowie z mojej grupy Tomek i Mirek zrobili sporo fantastycznych zdjęć )) Zapraszam do obejrzenia części z nich.

I’m waiting for the beginning of diving season this year. It’s still too cold. I was tempted a lot to dive while being in Argentina on the Peninsula Valdez but I couldn’t do it because just before leaving Poland for South America I had accomplished my diving course and the ID had been on its way to my home.
I come back in memories to the great trip to Egypt where I was with a group of divers. Lately I have received from them, photos taken there, including many taken under the water. I was and still I’m under enormous impression of all I saw in the Red Sea. Unfortunately, the deeper one dives, the less colors one can see there and the more they become grayish. However good video or photo equipment with proper color filters can fully register the beauty of the depth and diversity of colors down there. In Egypt divers from my group Tomek and Mirek took plenty of fantastic shots)) Here they are, some of them.

Ayn Rand

Po przeczytaniu "Żródła" i "Atlas zbuntowany" Ayn Rand, wiem, że czekałam na te książki i na ta pisarkę całe życie.... To, co zaobserwowała Ayn i sama stworzyla przekazując jednoczenie filozfię jej życia, jest genialne, piękne, ponadczasowe. To apoteoza rozumu, zdolnosći, indywidualizmu, odwagi, odpowiedzialnosci za swoje życie i celowosci. Uwielbiam książki, w których poruszane są te kwestie. Ayn Rand dodatkowo w sposób tak jasny, przejrzysty i zdumiewająco celny opisuje mechanizmy relacji, zależnosci międzyludzkich, w odniesieniu do systemów wartosci, którymi się bohaterowie kierują. Jestem zachwycona stwierdzeniem AYN Rand "Milosć to największa nagroda, na którą możemy zaslużyć, udzielana za zalety moralne, które nabywamy za życia".

After having read "Fountainhead" and "Atlas shrugged" by Ayn Rand I know I have been waiting for those books and that write all my life.... That what Ayn observed and created writing at the same time about philosophy of her life, is genius, beautiful, timeless. It's apotheosis of mind, talents, individualism, courage, responsability for ones life and living purposly. I love books which treat about those matters. In addition to that Ayn Rand describes transparently and astonishingly accurate mechanisms of humans' relations and dependency, in terms of moral virtues, which follow her heroes. I'm fascinated by Ayn Rand's statement "Love is the biggest prize, which we can earn, given to us for moral virtues, we gain during our life".