Zwiedzanie i ceny wakacji na Malcie

Wkrótce koniec lutego, a polska zima,  jak dotąd,  nie dała nam się  zbytnio we znaki. Przynajmniej pod względem obfitych opadów śniegu (choć nie wiadomo jeszcze, jaki będzie tegoroczny marzec).  Mimo łagodności tegorocznej zimy, większości z nas marzy się  słoneczna pogoda, ciepła plaża, a może nawet palmy i atrakcyjne wakacje. Niewątpliwie podjęcie decyzji o spędzeniu wakacji na Malcie pomoże spełnić powyższe marzenia.

To, czy spędzimy wakacje na Malcie wspólnie z wybranym biurem podróży, czy też „na własną rękę” w dużej mierze zależy od umiejętności wyszukania sobie w Internecie taniego biletu na przelot, niedrogiego a wygodnego noclegu oraz przyzwoitej znajomości języka angielskiego, by czuć się w miarę swobodnie w obcym kraju podczas pobytu i zwiedzania.  Osoby mniej samodzielne pod tym względem z pewnością wybiorą usługę biura podróży oraz opiekę pilota/rezydenta. Oczywiste jest, że za usługi trzeba płacić, więc jeśli nie trafi nam się oferta typu „last minute” , to pobyt nie będzie zbyt tani.

National Achievers Congress London 2012: my summary

National Achievers Congress is a 3-day yearly event taking place in London, among other cities.
I attended the last one this October.

What attracted me to the event and what was special about it
Two names: Anthony Robbins and Donald Trump. Both incredible personalities, highly successful and action-risk-taking entrepreneurs.
Watching them live was exciting and very motivational!
I also valued Ron White's speech - he is called the memory guy. He was able to memorize and repeat a 50-digit number and say it backwards. His speech was funny and valuable.

Business funding options: secured and unsecured business loans, venture capitalists

What are the pillars of successful business?
  1. Great products and/or services.
  2. Great customer service.
  3. Good accountant to take care of taxes.
  4. Good lawyer to advise on legal aspects of branding, secure transactions and selling.
  5. Sufficient funding to operate the business without unnecessarily delays.
First four points will not work without the fifth one taken care of. To understand that, have a look at some of the modern biggest companies. For example Apple. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak created first Apple computer in Job's family home garage. To grow and expand, to be able to sustain the business they had to look for funding options. During various stages of Apple's development, the company was funded by venture capitalists.

I gave this example to show you how important it is to have proper funding in place to keep your business running and to develop it. There are other ways to do it. You can borrow money from banks and among other options you can choose between secured and unsecured business loans.

Any funding method is good, providing that your business grows and brings more and more profit.

Creativity and business by Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was one in its kind. What I mean by that is that he can't just be compared with anyone else. He breaks many patterns when we think of someone as a leader.

He saw things and people in 2 dimensions: they were either white or black. There weren't things in between.
In his eyes a person could have been either a genius or a total failure. Product or service could have been either perfect or total failure.

His approach to perfection and excellence in products he was creating made Apple the fastest growing innovative company.
Words: it can't be done, it's impossible, we can't do it, we can't improve it - didn't exist in his mind and vocabulary.

If you have any of the Apple's products you know what I mean when I write about perfection and excellence. These products:
  • not only look great (you are proud to have them),
  • they are easy to use (very intuitive)
  • they are high quality (made with good materials and advanced technology).

If you want to find out more about Steve Jobs, his passions, personality, his decision-making process, his friends and family, I highly recommend a book written by Walter Isaacson - Steve Jobs.

Can unsecured start up business loans get your business going

Staring your own business and being successful with it is a challenge. Apart from a good idea, you also need to know if what you want to offer is what actually others need. When this condition is met, you need to make sure that when the orders come, you have the proper payment and delivery system in place. Customers do not like to wait too long or to be forced to go through complicated procedures to finally order something.

If all that sounds very easy for you, you need also to realize that no matter the type of business: either traditional or internet one, you need funding to sustain the business growth.

Again, it can be easy if you have your own savings or family, which can financially support you. If not one of the options are unsecured start up business loans. They are usually easier to get than the secured ones providing that you chose the right company to help you with it.